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Reasons Of Drug Addiction In Young Generation

Why Young Generation Is Addicted To Drugs?

Brains of young people are developing and growing until they reach there in their mid-20s. This is particularly true for the brain’s prefrontal cortex that helps in making choices. The use of drugs in the early years could interfere with the development processes that occur within the brain. This can affect the way they make decisions. They could be more likely to choose dangerous things, like dangerous driving and unsafe sexual activity. It is a terrifying fact to confront. It’s hard to believe that children are developing addictive and dangerous behaviours at this young age, particularly right in front of our eyes. e. Taking drugs while young could cause adult health issues including coronary illness, high blood pressure and sleep disorders.

Principal Reasons For The Use Of Drugs Among Teens And Youth

Stress (main motive)
Poor company
A home environment that is unhealthy
The loss of a business

Watch out for warning signs:

Odd smells
Changes in behaviour
Memory issues
Unusual injuries
Money and other items are missing
Weight loss
Changes in mood
Tin containers, syringes, and burned teaspoons
Changes in the company
Refrain from social activities
Why do teenagers use substances?

There are many reasons why a teenager could be using drugs, which includes:

To be accepted. Young people may use drugs in order acceptance by their friends or their peers who are taking drugs.

To feel happy. Abused drugs can create feelings of joy.

To be more comfortable. Some young people are suffering of depressive symptoms, anxiety, stress-related disorders as well as physical discomfort. Some may take medication to seek relief.

to perform better in school or in sports. Some young people might use stimulants for their studies or anabolic steroids to boost their athletic ability.

To try new things. Young people often are eager to explore new things and activities, particularly ones they consider exciting or exciting.

Which are indications that a teenager is a victim of drug addiction?

  • A lot of friends change
  • A large amount of time with only yourself
  • Involving in things that I love
  • Insufficiently taking care of themselves, for instance, not showering, changing clothes or even brushing their teeth
  • Feeling really sad and exhausted
  • Consuming more food or eating less than normal
  • Being extremely energetic, speaking quickly, or talking in a way that doesn’t seem to make sense.
  • Feeling down
  • Fastly shifting between feeling awful and feeling great
  • Missing important appointments
  • Problems at school: not attending class, receiving poor scores
  • Problems with the family or in personal relationships
  • Swindling and lying
  • Memory problems, poor concentration, incoordination as well as slurred speech.

Signs Of Addiction

The most obvious indication of addiction is the desire to take a particular substance or drug. However, other signs may indicate dependence, like changes in mood, or weight reduction or gain. (These can also be signs of other illnesses, too, but they are not necessarily signs of Depression as well as eating disorders.)

A sign to tell if you or someone you know could be suffering from a substance or alcohol addiction are:

Signals Psychological:

  • drinking alcohol or using drugs to help forget issues or unwind
  • hiding secrets with family or friends
  • The loss of interest in certain activities that were once significant
  • issues in schoolwork, for example, dropping grades or missing classes
  • shifts in friendships, such as a reluctance to hang out with those who have used drugs
  • spending lots of time trying to figure out ways to get the more drugs
  • by stealing or selling items to fund drugs
  • Inconsistent attempts to stop drinking or taking substances or drink
  • anxiety, anger, or depression
  • mood shifts

Help Keep Your Children Away From Substances By:

*Be sure to communicate with your children in a positive way.

* The encouragement of your children will develop confidence and have a solid feeling of their own. Parents can also encourage collaboration and decrease conflicts.

*Teach your children the art of problem-solving

*Limits setting, in order to help your child learn responsibility and self-control set boundaries for them and demonstrate that you value them.

*Supervision helps parents detect problems in the early stages, increase safety, and keep them engaged

*Being aware of your child’s friends

Can the use of drugs in youngsters be stopped?

Addiction and drug use can be prevented. Prevention programs that involve families, community groups, schools as well as media can help aid in preventing or reducing drug use and addiction. They provide education and outreach that aid people in understanding the dangers of using drugs.

Signals Physical:

Changes in sleep patterns

experiencing nausea or shaking and trying to quit

the need to take more the substance in order to achieve the same result

modifications in eating habits that include weight loss or weight gain.

Treatment available:

Meditation and yoga
Sharing of experiences
Therapy for rejuvenation and group therapy.
Prevention of relapse
Family counselling
Post-treatment follow-up


Drug Addiction is a detrimental disease that is spoiling our young generation’s life. Due to a fatal disease, younger are distracted from the goals that they want to establish. There are many factors behind this severe disease but no attention from parents, unemployment, depression and illiteracy can be other reasons. If the proper treatment will be prescribed so the patient can be cured with careful attention.


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