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Robot Is Appointed As CEO Of A $10 Billion Chinese Metaverse Company

Tang-YU is the New Virtual CEO of A $10 Billion Chinese Metaverse Company.

NetDragon Websoft, a Chinese game company, has introduced a virtual CEO. Tang Yu is a humanoid robot that uses artificial intelligence to operate and looks after the company’s major decisions.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is growing. As predicted by Gartner forecasting, this year, it will reach $62 billion, a 21.3 percent increase from the previous year.
The recent gigantic example of AI is the appointment as a CEO of a virtual humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence. Metaverse Company NetDragon Websoft announced the world’s first-ever AI robot CEO. NetDragon is a China-based online gaming and metaverse company. Since its founding in 1999, the technology business has grown to become one of China’s most reputable makers of video games and mobile applications.

The reason for hiring an AI humanoid robot as a CEO is to increase the company’s efficiency. The robot CEO, “Ms. Tang Yu,” would act as a “real-time data center and analytical tool” to assist Chinese organization decision-making.

The new CEO will allegedly try to increase the speed and quality of operations and optimize workflows, despite the company’s assertions that it is for the sake of humanity. Additionally, the robot CEO will function as a real-time data hub supported by analytical tools that facilitate everyday rational decision-making.

The initial response was not overwhelming. People said that introducing a virtual humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence could threaten the jobs of humans. But according to the official representative of NetDragon, the robot CEO will deploy AI technologies in the HR department, improve the working environment, and give people incentives that are warranted rather than taking their jobs away.

According to the online gaming and metaverse company, the robot CEO will speed up execution, improve task quality, and promote process flow. It said that the robot would enable a more efficient risk management system and assist the business in making sensible decisions during everyday operations.

Besides, Tang Yu is anticipated to play a crucial part in fostering talent and establishing a productive and fair work environment for all staff members.

Dr. Dejian Liu, chairman of NetDragon, “Tang Yu is expected to play a critical role in developing talents and ensuring a fair and efficient workplace for all employees.”
Earlier this year, researchers at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) determined that Artificial Intelligence is equal to or better at hiring staff than human bosses. The management of NetDragon is hopeful with their intelligent move.

With the launch of the first ever AI robot as a COO, the NetDragon is currently featured on most news sites. Everywhere it is all about a virtual CEO and NetDragon. This is an experimental and marketing move on the part of the business. It is also likely to be successful in terms of the robot’s actual effectiveness, and it would introduce a whole new market for the AI sector.


Concluding on our thoughts that Tang Yu’s appointment serves as a showcase for the company’s “AI + management” approach and marks a significant step in the company’s transformation into a “Metaverse organization.


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