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Top 10 Beauty Saloon in Pakistan 2020-2021

Top 10 Beauty Saloon in Pakistan 2020-2021

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Look well, feel well, and be well. Salons are where styles, fashion, and passion are born. Salons and beauty have been connected since ages. Previously beauty was considered to be only attached to women, but with the time and modernization beauty has taken a lot of part for men too. Everyone wants to look good, groomed, and elegant and thus salons are playing a major role in such services.
Beauty is not always to look good, but how we carry ourselves is what matters. At the very first glance, all the salons look impressive, but most memorable and professional ones take a quite bit of time to figure out. There are tons of salons working and opening daily in several parts of the country, but all of them aren’t serving equally. We have gone through many searches, reviews, markets, and suggestions and finally came up to the 10 most desirable salons, working ethically and elegantly carrying themselves and their customers.

01. Sairaz Beauty Salon

Sairaz beauty Salon performing well, in the Catholic Society of Karachi. It consisted of a team of 3 girls, started from a single room in the year 2005. They worked hard, and took their beauty salon to a level, comprising of separate rooms for every service. They can be considered the best groomers and know how to give the perfect and prominent look. Having the best hair services, quality products, moreover the best bridal makeup seen on a number of brides. The best thing about Sairaz Beauty Salon is they consider each bride differently, varying their looks, dresses, jewelry, etc.

02. Salon at the Door

Salon at the door can be considered as the pillar of beauty services at your doorstep. This Salon brought a dynamic change in the society, and help ladies and gents to get beauty services at their home, rather than visiting parlors and waiting for their turn. It is a very simple application through which one can proceed, serving with the best professionals according to the services you require. From facials to a manicure and all kinds of hair treatment and even makeup. If you aren’t using the application you can even fix an appointment through Facebook and Instagram page, and they will send the best possible and reliable server at your door.

03. Deplix

Deplix beauty salon should be given the real name for ultimate beauty. They are the ones who focus on polishing one’s inner self and confidence. Massarat Misbah, the founder of this salon, serving for more than 10 years in all the parts of Pakistan. She was a very young lady, and after suffering marital harassment and then finally divorce, she emerged as an iconic name in the world of women. Deplix is considered as the finest beauty salon, as they are immensely working for plastic surgeries and beautiful makeups for burnt women. Deplix worked on the confidence and beauty level of burnt women specifically poor women, and now leading a respectful confident life, and know-how to hide their scars beautifully.

04. Panache the Salon

Panache the Salon is located in the beautiful city of Peshawar. It can be considered as the best beauty service provider in the city of Peshawar. Considering the hot trends of Karachi and Lahore, and applying those practically. They are immensely full of positive and self-groomed workers, and working hard for a change. Best to go for facial and massage services. Deeply connected with deep eye makeups, without losing the culture and trend.
Overall they can be rated 9 on 10, just need more staff and a bigger setup as big they are.

05. RS Beauty Salon and Gym

RS beauty salon and gym is an emerging class of beauty and a new definition of beauty within pocket-friendly rates. Professional work with quality products. Most importantly those eye-catchy deals won’t let you think twice. But it is not only marketing. Their deals are worth paying for, and you won’t regret your visit there. The best thing about them is, they have makeup artists irrespective of gender, and you can hire the professional you require for your service. Moreover, they are fond of health and beauty and provide the gym facilities too, with an extremely professional trainer, that will help you out to not to be thin or to be fat, rather be healthy and fit.

06. Zara’s Beauty Parlor

Zara’s has been defining beauty in the city of Quetta. Highly qualified and certified. They are the best to choose for a special occasion and get all your services done in your budget. Specializes in Bridal Makeup. The best thing about them is they know the clear definition and difference of a Party makeup, bridal makeup, valima makeup, engagement, and several occasions like this. They know the elegancy and decency required in each of the events and how they vary. Best to have all the Bridal services and makeup, and make your event a memorable one.

07. Malika’s Beauty Salon

Started for the expertise of tremendous and mind-blowing hair treatments and styling of all sorts, have fully flourished in the field of makeup and body treatments. As they started as hair styling, they are still the best in it. More confident and more innovative. They have immensely grown themselves and performing well in all the other areas as well. Their hairstylist is always on toes and are the excellent customer service providers, full of ethics and manners. They believe in working to make you look good.

08. Farha’s Beauty Salon

Farha’s Beauty Salon is located in the area of Altaf Town, in the city of saints and poets Multan. It is serving since 1993 and has seen and served two generations. Fully aware of the trends and fashion sense. Moreover, they move with the seasons, and never give wrong advice to the customer. For instance, Hair Extenso is best suitable in the winter season, its result is also good and it is easier to handle and care in the winters. They believe in providing quality over quantity, and hence they have several fixed clients with them.

09. Salon 360

Salon 360 is an emerging beauty salon, with all new ways of styling and polishing. They are very caring and humble and work with excellence. Further, they are gaining popularity due to being a unisex salon. They have great expertise over the services of both the genders. From hair styling to trimming, dye, streaking they are all in one. They can be said as an upcoming best brand in the city of Karachi, for the best hair styling and decent makeup. They are increasing their popularity daily, because as we all know hard work pays off.

10. SM Beauty Salon & Institute Larkana

SM Beauty Salon beauty salon is located in a small city in Pakistan, which we usually consider as a rural area. And surprisingly, a Salon like SM is serving. It has all the expertise of a salon located in an urban area. Moreover, they have arranged classes and a proper institute for self-grooming, makeup classes, styling, and mehndi. This salon consists of all professional high-quality products and instruments, following with best hair services, and extremely elegant towards the bridal makeup. They know the perfection of blending urban and rural styling and defining beauty in a perspective and creativity.


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