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Top 10 Places To Visit In Karachi 2022

Top 10 Places To Visit In Karachi
Top 10 Places To Visit In Karachi

Top 10 Places To Visit In Karachi 2022

Karachi was the first capital city of Pakistan, formerly known as Kolachi. Commonly known as the city of lights. With the period of time, Karachi became one of the biggest cities in Asia. It is considered to be the fastest-growing city.

Karachi is spread over 3527km and is densely populated with a population of approx. 16.62 million people from all over Pakistan. Karachi generates 70% of the revenue for the country. This city has one of the oldest and beautiful ports, performing daily trades.

Karachi a city full of love, life, and heart. A city with ancient backgrounds and old buildings. Karachi consists of old buildings and schools, even much older than Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah also belonged to Karachi.

There are several places in Karachi you must visit once in a lifetime and you won’t regret it. But among those places, I have shortened the list to ten, the highest top ten places in Karachi is a must to be visited.

01. Sea View

Sea View, also known as Clifton Beach, is located on the Arabian Sea in Karachi. It ranges from Karachi to Ormara (Balochistan). This beach is very famous in Pakistan and is open all the time for the public. There are many local leisure activities on Sea View Karachi including camel rides, buggy rides, and horse riders.
Sea View is one of the major tourist spots so most major celebrations are done here by the citizens. An important event of the year is the New Year’s celebration on the eve of 31st December each year. Pakistan Air Force now holds regular shows on Clifton Beach on important national events. These air shows consist of planes from the PAF showing acrobatics and flypasts to the audiences.

02. Do Darya

This name “Do Darya” has a deep meaning and origination behind it. In Urdu Darya means River, but at Do Darya there is no river, yet the only Arabian Sea, then the question arises why is it so-called Do Darya? Basically in the Persian language, Darya means Sea, and hence this location has sea on two sides, it is now popularly known as Do Darya. It is a fine and modern place located at the sea. Full of restaurants, facing the sea, with amazing setup, environment, and best food. You can find all kinds of food at this place. This place can be the best recreational place to visit after your tiring day, just to relax and feel calm.

03. Mazar e Quaid

Mazar-e-Quaid, is the final resting place of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah(The founder of Pakistan), her sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah and the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaqat Ali Khan. It is built in pure white marble, this mausoleum features curved arches in the Moorish style. It is the most visited and popular place in Karachi. At night time, beautiful white lights focus on the structure of the tomb make it more prominent and beautiful.

04. Safari Park

Karachi Safari Park has a shelter of around 470 animals and serves as the main attraction for all those people who visit Karachi from around the country. It is also provided with viewing facilities of animals and natural swan lakes from chairlift and safari tracks. Go Aish Amusement Park is also located in Safari Park. Some of the adventure activities in Safari Park are quad biking, horse riding, indoor climbing, and the ropes course. It is a great place to spend time with family.

05. Monora Island

Manora is mostly known as Manora situated in the South part of the city of Karachi. It is a Peninsula located at the Port of Karachi. The place where you can find a beauty with silence and peace. You can feel nature close to you and will make your traveling worthy enough. It is considered to be the favorite spot for tourists while discovering Karachi. It is now full of sports and activities, where you can find leisure and happiness. Moreover, you can see an amazing lighthouse from there. The western bay of Manora comprises of Mangrove forests, beautiful and natural.

06. Port Grand

Port Grand is the finest tourist destination spot, not so old, but worth visiting for. It is a recreational sport, for food and stuff. It is built on Native Jetty Bridge that connects the Karachi Port Trust to Keamari. This was opened and organized for the public in May 2011. It comprises of several food spots, from Desi to Continental and even common street food. A place to get the best photographs and create memories. It holds functions and concerts on important dates and weekends. It also includes an old temple named as Sri Laxmi Narayan Temple, which also falls in Port grand. A lot of Hindus and people from other religions also visit the temple, to see the old scriptures and monuments.

07. Sunday Bazar

Sunday Bazar Karachi is the Cheapest Market in Karachi for working-class people who normally don’t have time for their household shopping during working days. Sunday Bazaars set up on the open large ground. In this market variety of things are sold from daily usage to grocery and clothes at cheap prices. It is a well-organized bazaar with stalls, people living in Karachi mostly visit this market.

08. Luckyone Mall

So many destinations worth going for, then why not have a little shopping in a place where you can find almost all brands in an easy and spacious environment. It is located on Main Rashid Minhas Road, which falls in Gulberg Town, owned by the Yunus Brothers Group. It is spread on an area of 3.4 million square feet and is not only the largest shopping mall in Pakistan but also the largest mall in South Asia. It comprises of over 200 stores and a large and spacious indoor car parking system for almost 1200 cars. It also has a big supermarket in its basement area, where you can find all the household and other products. The food and the food court are mesmerizing and worth the best place to have fun, along with having a wonderful Wonderland, for kids as well as grownups who love to have fun.

09. PAF Museum

PAF(Pakistan Air Force) Museum is an Air Force museum park the famous place of Karachi. The museum has on display aircraft, radars, missiles, and helicopter due to this reason the security is very high alert in this museum. This museum features major fighter aircraft used by Pakistan Army. The famous Vickers (VC.1 Viking) aircraft used by Mohammed Ali Jinnah can be seen in this museum other. Children love to visit this museum on vacations and schools also arrange picnics at PAF Museum for educational purposes.

10. Mohatta Palace

Mohatta Palace and the oldest building designed by Agha Ahmed Hussain in the year 1927. It is located in the posh area of Clifton. This building has a history and great architect, worth visiting for. It was built for Shivratan Mohatta (a Hindu Businessman) as his house for summers. This building has fine pink Jodhpur stones along with yellow stone from Gizri. It is spacious an area of 18,500 sq ft. There is a total of nine domes, while the windows opening towards the garden are blue and perfectly designed. In the year 1995, it was purchased by the Government of Sindh and was converted into a museum for the love of art and preserving traditions and heritage. It is the best place to go and see the culture and heritage of old Pakistan and capture history in your eyes.



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